For New Granite Counter Tops

Pre-measure:  At no cost, we will come to your home, measure your existing cabinets, and discuss the layout of your new granite countertops.  We will create a drawing based on what you are looking for, the measurements as well as the locations and dimensions of the range, sink(s), the refrigerator, etc. If you are working with a contractor on your new kitchen, we can use the plans to calculate how much granite/material you will be needed to complete your job.  Now that we know how much granite/ material you need, all that is needed is for you to select which beautiful granite stone you would like for your counter tops.  Our sales representative will give you an estimate of the cost of your project.


Our representative will meet with you to help select the slab of granite for their project. The granite selection is a very exciting moment during this process. At our distributors, the customers will find over one hundred slabs of granite to choose from. This is the most critical process due to all the color selections and variety of patterns in each granite slab. It is very important to consider the color of your kitchen’s cabinets and flooring when deciding on their granite countertops.


Now that you have made a selection on a granite, we will go over the specifics on selecting the appropriate sink(s), faucets, soap dispenser, edge style, backsplash location and height as well as other details.   A template is required to ensure that the new tops will fit and to communicate to our fabricating  staff each of your selections and sizes.  Our office will set a convenient appointment for one of our trained professionals to create a template for your job.  The template must be approved and signed off by the customer.


The fabricating plant starts working once the contract is signed and the 50% deposit has been paid. The rest of the balance will be collected at the completion of your installation. If the customer is providing the sink, we will need to have the sink in hand for the final quote as well as for fabrication. Now we will be able to proceed to cut and work on the granite and create a granite countertop of your dreams.







A Pure Granite representative will call you to schedule the installation of your granite countertop. This process of cutting and polishing the granite to create your countertops will take on average 5 to 10 working days from the time of templating.   The installation of the granite countertop does not include removal of the existing countertop.  The demolition and haul away of your existing tops can be performed by Pure Granite & Stone at an additional charge.   Installing new granite countertops is heavy construction.  The granite weighs approximately 25 lbs. per square foot and is difficult to handle.  Most homes walls are not square which requires extra work at installation.  It can also cause scratches and other to the walls.  The homeowner should be aware that it is normal for the walls to get scratches and knicks that will need to be touched up.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to take care of these minor touch ups including any exposed unfinished areas.  If the customer is remodeling the whole kitchen, we advise not to complete any painting or wallpaper prior to installation of the granite countertop.  Again, there could be some incidental scrapes, or punctures on your walls.

Important:  At the time of your granite installation, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure that any faucet, slide in range, or cooktop be on the job site and available to the installers.  Also, if you have a farm sink, it must be permanently installed in the cabinetry prior to the granite installation.

Plumbing and wiring is not included in our installations. We can not disconnect or reconnect sinks or cooktops. Please make arrangements with a plumber prior to installation of your granite counter top. If you need our assistance in contacting a professional plumber or electrician, we will be happy to provide some names and numbers.

The same things that make your granite countertops special are also the ones that cause DUST.  Under mount sink applications and cooktop cutouts, polishing and drilling must be completed on site to ensure they are right.  While we work hard to prevent dust, you can expect some – But it is worth it when you see the granite countertops of your DREAMS!!!


We take great pride in the craftsmanship applied to your project from start to installation.