About Us

“Keep Things Simple.”

For Almost A Decade, That’s Been Our Philosophy For Guiding Cincinnati Homeowners To Their Perfect Countertops.

If there’s one thing we have heard over and over from Cincinnati homeowners, it’s that trying to decide on the perfect countertops can be surprisingly overwhelming and complex.

From the material to the variation to the color to the edge profile, there are just so many choices to consider. If you don’t have a professional guiding you through the process—which unfortunately, is often the case with most homeowners in need of countertops—getting exactly what you want can be next to impossible.

At Pure Granite & Stone, we strive to make the entire process—from the selection to the installation—simple and pleasant for you. To achieve this, we’ve “flipped the script” on some of the industry’s outdated and inefficient practices.

Below, you’ll get an overview of seven of the key components to our innovative methods… methods that allow you to get the countertops you’ve always wanted, but without the stress, uncertainty, or hassles. If you’d like in-depth details about our Process & Service, click here.

An Easy & Pleasant Selection Process

It all starts with our selection process. When you visit most countertop companies, they’ll hand you with a list of five or six distributors. They will then tell you to go to these distributors to find the countertop material for your project. You’re left to your own devices—even if you have NO idea what you’re doing. Your project then turns into a wild goose chase, with you wasting gas driving across town and back trying to find the material you like.

We’re different. We’ve simplified the design-selection process for homeowners. Getting exactly what you want is not only possible—it’s also easy and fun. When you partner with us on your project, you can rest easy knowing that we’re with you from start to finish.

We Secure You The Best Price

The other problem with trying to choose your countertops yourself? You don’t know if you’re getting the best deal. (Hint: You’re probably not.)

For example: The first distributor you visit on your list may have a granite variation you love for $150 per square foot. The sixth distributor on your list could have something very similar (that you’d love just as much), but for $90 per square foot. But you may be too worn out to ever get to the sixth distributor. Or you may not ask them the right questions, so they never even show you the sample. As a result, you pay 30% to 50% more than you should on your countertops.

When you work with us, you won’t have that problem. We know all of the distributors in the area, what they have in stock, and their general price ranges. If you want, say, Calacatta marble, we can find it for a substantially lower price than you could by yourself. Bottom line: We work on your behalf to secure you the best price on the countertop material YOU want.

(Speaking of saving money: We offer remnant granite and stone for small projects such as bar tops and fireplace surrounds. You can save BIG on some of the most expensive materials on the market.)

We Also Save You Time

With Pure Granite & Stone guiding you through the selection process, you shave hours and hours off the design time. You get maximum results in minimal time.

Our installation process also ensures you a speedy, yet high-quality, project. We’ve developed highly efficient project-planning protocols that eliminate problems, delays, and mistakes. The result is a high-quality project…done in a reasonable amount of time. For more information about how we make your experience efficient and painless, visit our Services page.


Our installation and fabrication crews are comprised of professionals who have dedicated their line of work specifically to granite and stone. Granite and stone projects are ALL they do. They are not tile guys. They are not hardwood guys. They are not metal guys. They are specialists who have dedicated their professional lives to granite and stone. As such, they are able to perform the highest-caliber work.

By contrast, larger, more “corporate” companies focus on speed and making sure that your “job” is cut and polished quickly and out-the-door as fast as possible. When you visit our showroom, ask us to show you the important differences between hand-crafted stone (what we do) and mechanically processed countertops (what other companies do).

Edge Profiles: Masters Of The Mitered

There are many edge profiles from which to choose. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a company that can do the trendy, sophisticated edge profile you may want. It takes a deft and experienced hand to perform some of the more complex countertop edges, which is why many companies only offer two or three basic edge profiles.

Since our craftsmen are granite and stone specialists, we have mastered any and every countertop edge profile. Whether you want mitered, bevel, waterfall, or bullnose edges, we can deliver with exceptional workmanship.

Clear Communication

Contractor-client communication is vital to the overall quality of the project. This is why we always keep you in the loop and always make ourselves easy to reach.

You’ll have a dedicated Project Manager who will provide you with his cell phone number. You won’t have to go through three different gatekeepers just to speak to the person you want to, and you won’t have to jump through hoops to get a simple question answered. We are happy to provide a clear line of communication with you; it’s the only way to ensure you get the exact result you want.


At the end of the day, you want a company you KNOW will be there for you. Pure Granite & Stone is an independent family-run business, through and through. We provide that long-lost high-touch service you just can’t get with “corporate” companies. This includes a dedicated Designer to help you select the perfect stone, a Project Manager who will be your go-to contact for any and all questions, and an installation team that treats your home and family with respect.

If you are a Cincinnati-area homeowner in search of the perfect granite or stone countertops, stop into our showroom or contact us for a free Countertop Consultation. We would be honored to hear from you.