Services & Process

Our Stress-Proof Process Makes Getting Granite & Stone
Countertops Easy For Cincinnati Homeowners.

Here Is A Step-By-Step Snapshot Of Exactly What To Expect When You Work With Pure Granite & Stone.

Most Cincinnati homeowners have no idea what to anticipate when going into a granite or stone countertop project. And that’s okay—countertop projects are a bit of a mystery if you have no prior experience.

At Pure Granite & Stone of Cincinnati, we’ve developed a detailed process that we follow for all of our granite and stone countertop projects. We feel it’s important to share this process with you right here, right now.

Why? First, outlining our process gives you an exact idea of what to expect BEFORE you reach out to us. This is a very important step to building that initial trust between you and us. Second, we strongly believe we have the most homeowner-friendly process of any granite countertop company in Cincinnati. We’ve taken a “hands-on” approach to granite and stone projects to ensure you have an experience that is stress-free, high-quality, and fun.

Keep scrolling for a step-by-step snapshot of our process. You will gain a better understanding of what to expect and how our process delivers true, absolute quality… without exception.

The Pure Granite & Stone Process Or Our Competition’s…
Which Do You Prefer?

Getting beautiful new, high-end kitchen counters for your kitchen can be easy or hard. Fast, or slow. Efficient, or frustrating. The choice is yours. Here are your two options:





You visit THEIR showroom, review a few small samples, get a ballpark price (maybe), and a list of 4 wholesalers to visit

You visit OUR showroom with physical samples from your kitchen and review over 400 LARGE stone samples and select one


You drive to wholesaler 1 with physical samples from your kitchen and inspect slab choices

We give you a firm, detailed estimate and if you approve…


You drive to wholesaler 2 with physical samples from your kitchen and inspect slab choices

WE go to the wholesaler that we know offers the best price and quality for that stone choice, select the very best slab using our expertise, and have the best slab shipped to us


You drive to wholesaler 3 with physical samples from your kitchen and inspect slab choices

You visit us to approve the slab and make a 50% deposit


You drive to wholesaler 4 with physical samples from your kitchen and inspect slab choices

We come to your home to take final, precise measurements


You schedule an appointment at the wholesaler of choice to view and select from the individual slabs available from your preferred bundle

We template, cut and hand finish your slab


The wholesaler provides pricing for the slab to “them” so they can estimate the total installed price

We do your installation


You visit them to get a firm price


Your slab is delivered from the wholesaler to their facility


You make a 50% deposit


They come to your home to take final, precise measurements


They template, cut and sand your slab


They do your installation

Our Process & What You Can Expect

Step 1: Discovering What You Want

This first step is what really sets us apart. Many countertop companies in Cincinnati will provide you with a list of distributors, and then leave YOU to figure out what you want and where to get it. You receive little to no input, which is NOT ideal when it comes to something as important as stone countertops.

While working with other granite and stone companies can feel like being trapped in a maze with no idea where to go, working with us is MUCH different. We set a clear path and guide you the entire way. We’ve simplified the selection process to remove all overwhelming, intimidating, and confusing aspects. This ensures you get exactly what you want… at the best possible price.

Our selection process starts when you stop by our showroom or contact us for a Countertop Consultation. We’ll keep things low-key & stress-free while we pick your brain, show you different materials, and provide our professional input on the best countertop material for your situation and budget. This is an exciting and easy process because you will have experts helping you throughout.

We’ve implemented a slab selection process to protect our customers from all kinds of unwanted surprises. After you review samples at our location and pick a color and style, we use our knowledge of the best wholesalers for each different kind and style of stone to find you the best priced, highest physical quality slab. Then, we drive to the wholesaler and pick up the slab, bringing it into our showroom for you to inspect under clean, well-lit conditions. You get to go over the slab with a fine- toothed comb, under excellent lighting, with one of our experts looking over your shoulder, to make sure there are no physical problems. No surprises. No wasted time.

During the estimate phase, we will come to your home at no cost to measure the project area. We will create a 3D model of your project. If you are working with a contractor on your new kitchen, we can use the plans to calculate how much granite/material will be needed to complete your job. 

Step 2: Templating Your Project

During the templating visit, we essentially build a thin wooden replica of your countertop with the exact dimension for the stone countertop we will subsequently hand cut and polish. We will carefully mark cut outs for the sink, cook top, and faucets. We will decide on the location of seams with you. We will also adjust for any unevenness in your walls to ensure a perfect fit. We will confirm and lock-down your final choices of underlayment, edge treatment, and any countertop overhang and backsplash details.

Before the Pure Granite & Stone “Templating Team” visits to measure and build the templates for your countertops, it is essential that your cabinets be screwed permanently in place (so our measurements are accurate), and that the actual appliances and stovetop are available for inspection and measurement.

Here is what you can expect during the templating portion of your project:

  • You will receive a phone call from the template crew a half hour before the appointment time.
  • You’ll need to be present during template appointment, so you can answer important questions regarding seam placement, edges, radius, overhang, color verification, etc.
  • A seam may be required for numerous reasons. Please be aware that granite is a material of nature and may have pits, fissures, color variations and veining. We make every effort when seams are required to make the best match possible. Seams may be up to 1/8” wide and 1/16” crowning.
  • All cabinets must be fully set and within 1/8” level before template appointment.
  • Sink must be on site with sink template for the appointment, unless we are the ones providing it.
Step 3: Creating The Countertops (Fabrication)

Once the templating is complete, our fabrication team can begin to create your countertops. Our experienced craftsmen hand-cut your granite or stone using state-of-the-art tools and technology. Unlike other companies around Cincinnati, we do not use CNC machines to cut and craft countertops. Our handcrafted process ensures a straighter, more precise, and better polished final product. You can rest assured that your countertops will receive the personal attention they deserve.

Step 4: Installation

The time between templating and installation is about two weeks. This gives us time to meticulously hand fabricate your countertop to specification from your slab and bring it to you for installation.

On installation day, it will likely take four to eight hours for us to install your countertops. Before we arrive, you’ll want to cover nearby furniture to protect it from dust, and make sure there is a clear pathway between the installation area and the nearest entrance. You or your remodeling contractor, if you are using one, should plan to be present so we can go over the installation details with you and get your approval before we leave the site.

There are many elements to a high-quality installation, and at Pure Granite & Stone we have a series of well-developed game plans to manage all the details, keep the installation team perfectly coordinated, and to handle any unique situations that arise.

Here is what you can expect during the installation portion of your project:

  • Introduction to your Project Manager (the person in charge of all our jobs in progress)
  • Review of all details of your project to ensure everything is correct
  • Discussion of the plan and work schedule
  • Discussion of material storage locations
  • Discuss any special needs related to working in and around your home, family, and pet
  • Removal of old countertops, if applicable
  • Bringing the new stone across the threshold
  • Ensuring all lower cabinets are level and secure
  • Putting the stone in place, setting the seams, and caulking
  • Field-cutout for faucets, cook tops, and backsplashes
  • Thorough cleanup
  • Special sealing process on porous countertop materials
  • Every effort to minimize dust, noise, and inconvenience to you during the installation
  • Clear communication, so you are never in the dark
  • A final walkthrough to ensure absolutely everything is done right and up to your standards
Step 5: Enjoying Your New Countertops

After installation comes the final and most important step: enjoying your new countertops! To help ensure your countertops look beautiful for as long as possible, we’ve prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients after installation.


Q: Can I Cut On Granite?

A: Yes, Granite is an extremely hard, tough, durable surface and in most cases can be used as a cutting surface without fear of scratching the stone (although knives may be dulled by cutting on such a hard surface…)

Q: Does Granite Chip Or Scratch?

A: Granite is a very dense material. Under normal conditions it is highly resistant to chipping and scratching. However, pots, pans and other heavy objects dropped on the square edges of the granite around a sink area can result in occasional chipping. To minimize this risk, several other edge profiles are available that will look beautiful and reduce the chances of chipping. Ask your Project Manager from Pure Granite & Stone about edge choices as part of your stone selection process before the job is installed.

Q: Can I Put Hot Pots And Pans Directly On My Counter?

A: Granite is formed naturally under high temperatures and is virtually impervious to high heat or drastic temperature changes. So, placing hot objects on your granite countertop surface should not discolor or otherwise affect your surface. That said, repeated thermal expansion and contraction of any material can cause structural weakening. So, if you have a hot appliance on your countertop, or you routinely place hot pots and pans down in the same place, a trivet of hot-pad is a good way to play it extra safe.

Q: How Should I Regularly Clean My Granite Countertop?

A: Here is a convenient reference list…

  • Daily: Use a sponge or soft cloth with hot water. Don’t use dish soap for cleaning to avoid build-up and dulling of your countertop’s shine.
  • Weekly: Use a good granite cleaner to clean, disinfect, and protect your countertop and provide a streak-free shine.
  • Monthly: A good temporary granite polish can be used periodically to enhance the shine of your countertop.
  • Yearly: Do a simple “water drop test” to check the porosity of the surface (how permeable it is to liquids). Put a few drops of water on your counter and leave it for 4 minutes. Wipe up the liquid. If a dark spot is left behind, it’s time to reseal your countertop. (Don’t’ worry about the spot left behind, it will evaporate within 30 minutes.) If warranted based on the test, apply one or two coats of a good impregnator/sealer.
Q: Does Granite Stain?

A: All stones are porous to some extent, but granite has very low porosity relative to other stones. So, granite does not stain easily. Most granite colors will never show moisture at all, but some colors will show a dark spot if a puddle of liquid is left on the counter for a period of 30 minutes of more. The spot will eventually dry up and minor evidence will show. To be safe, be sure that your granite is sealed properly – either by Pure Granite & Stone during installation, or by you after the fact, using one of our recommended in-home sealing products.

Q: How Can I Limit Any Staining?

A: Blot up spills right away to reduce any chance of staining. While granite will not etch, and many liquids will not stain granite, cooking oils might leave stains if left unattended. Keep an eye on your countertop to know when it needs to be re-sealed so that liquids don’t penetrate your countertop’s surface.

Q: Should I Polish My Granite?

A: If you want the most radiant possible countertop, Pure Granite & Stone recommends that you apply a good temporary granite polish on a monthly or bimonthly basis to enhance the shine of your countertop. For advice on cleaners, polishes and sealers, call us to ask for the most effective products for your surface.

Q: Should Granite Be Sealed?

A: Though not necessary, all granites are sealed. We apply a penetrating sealer to your initial countertop. That sealer does not change the color of the stone but does make liquids bead up on the surface and limit any penetration and staining. We recommend that occasionally (yearly at least) you a simple “water drop test” to check the porosity of your countertop surface (how permeable it is to liquids).

Place a few drops of water on your counter and leave them there for 4 minutes. Wipe up the liquid. If a dark spot is left behind, it’s time to reseal your countertop. (Don’t’ worry about the spot left behind, it will evaporate within 30 minutes.) If warranted based on the test, apply one or two coats of a good impregnator/sealer.