House Flippers

Are You A House Flipper In Cincinnati?

We’ll Help You Maximize Your Investment With Gorgeous Granite & Stone Work That’s On Time & On Budget.

As a successful house flipper in Cincinnati, you know the key to maximizing profit is quality work done on time. You also know that few projects instantly “wow” potential buyers quite like beautiful new granite and stone countertops.

That’s why when house flippers in the area need countertop and stone projects done right, they turn to Pure Granite & Stone. We are THE reliable granite and stone company in Cincinnati that delivers the high-quality work you need—on time and for a fair price.

You can read about our innovative selection process on our About page. Below, you’ll find a few specific reasons why house flippers in Cincinnati love partnering with us.

Hitch-Proof Planning & Coordination

We work directly with you or any other contractors on the project to coordinate what needs to be done and when. NOTHING slips through the cracks, and communication is crystal clear. When you work with Pure Granite & Stone, there are never any “left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” situations.

Unrivaled Experience & Professionalism

We’ve performed hundreds of granite and stone projects over the last decade. Our installation crew is comprised of professionals who have dedicated their line of work specifically to granite and stone—it’s ALL they do. They are not tile guys. They are not hardwood guys. They are not metal guys. They are granite and stone specialists. Period.

We Secure You The Best Price

Flipping houses is a large investment. It’s crucial to keep costs as low as possible to maximize profit. We can help by securing the best prices on stone. We have deep relationships with, and in-depth knowledge of, Cincinnati’s stone distributors. We know who has the best prices on what YOU want. You’ll also get special discounts on our services.

Give Us A Call

We are always on the lookout for new industry partners in the area. And when flipping houses in Cincinnati—a trade in which meeting deadlines and maximizing profits is crucial—it’s smart to have a 100% reliable and high-quality granite and stone company in your back pocket.

So contact us today to inquire about becoming one of our industry partners—we’d be happy answer your questions and supply you with a list of commercial references. Also feel free to explore our Gallery to get a sense of our work.