Dekton Countertop Suppliers in Cincinnati OH

Dekton is a long-term product for those looking to turn their kitchen into a unique space. It is a hybrid of the best materials in the market for surfacing. It allows greater potential for installation in one piece with no cuts, no joints and no limits. It is highly resistant to impact, scratches and abrasion for use in high-traffic areas and has very low water absorption. With a look and feel that is unique, it has the appeal of a completely uniform surface, which fits seamlessly into very different design styles.

Dekton: Highly Resistant, Greater Potential

Dekton is made with a high tech process which represents an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years.

Dekton has a matte sheen, that can be desirable when combining with high-gloss finishes for cabinetry or backsplash. A matte finish is non-reflective (no glare with all your new LED lighting) and creates a luxurious and natural texture, like concrete. Dekton has some colors with a flat, textured or ribbed surface pattern. The textured colors are similar to a leather finish that creates a very sophisticated look.

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The 6 Crucial Things You Should Know
Before Choosing A Countertop Company

Google Reviews

It’s simple to see what past customers think of a granite and stone company by looking at online reviews. Google Reviews is a great resource to vet a countertop company. Pure Granite & Stone has a 4.6 star ranking on Google, which is due to our absolute insistence on client satisfaction.

Angie’s List Ratings

Available in a wide range of patterns and colors, engineered quartz typically ranks close in popularity to the perennial top choice: granite.

The quartz material in engineered stone countertops is compressed into slabs that have similar color and texture to natural granite. But unlike natural stone, the color of engineered stone slabs is more uniform, with fewer variations in tint and coloration. This gives the appearance of fewer “flaws” that you would find in natural stone and a more perfect and uniform look (because it’s made to look that way), as opposed to granite or marble, which have imperfections and wild variations because they are 100% natural stone. Engineered quartz doesn’t have the natural subtle variations in texture and color like granite, so it may be evident that it’s an engineered product.

Very few companies win the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award. You can be sure any company that has won this award recently is in good business standing, carries the proper licenses, passes background checks, maintains an “A” quality grade, and has exceptional reviews.

HomeAdvisor Ratings

HomeAdvisor confirms that every review it receives comes from a verified customer of the company they are leaving the review for. Companies cannot write fake reviews on HomeAdvisor, so everything you read about a contract on the website is 100% authentic.

How Long They Have Been In Business

You don’t want to put your granite and stone project in the hands of a company that is not financially stable. A new or financially-shaky company may make you pay 100% up front to cover the cost of the materials, and they are not always reliable in case there is warranty work.

Pure Granite & Stone is a family-owned company that’s been in business for more than 10 years. That not only speaks to credibility, expertise, and customer satisfaction, but to financial strength too. We have a well-deserved reputation for being highly ethical, standing behind our work, and delivering great value.

Is Their Stone “Hand Cut” And “Hand Polished”?

Larger, more “corporate” companies are primarily concerned with getting done as fast as possible, so they can collect the check and move to the next project. To do this, these companies automate aspects of the stone-cutting process by using machines instead of crafting the stone by hand. The issue with this is that machines do not cut as precisely and can cause imperfections.

Pure Granite & Stone isn’t set up like a factory. Instead, we are set up to work together to create beautiful pieces of art that families and friends will love when they’re sitting around the kitchen table eating, drinking, and talking together. We are meticulous when it comes to cutting your countertops. For example, while edges that come off an automated machine have tiny score lines on them that you can feel, our edges are smooth and silky to the touch.

Is Their Stone Selection Process Simple And Customer Focused?

If you do it “their” way, by the time your countertops are installed and ready to use, you’ll have invested countless hours visiting stone wholesalers, waiting for workers to come move large slabs of stone with forklifts so you can examine your options, and running back and forth between the stone yard and granite company to manage all the details.

At Pure Granite & Stone, we simplified the process by half. We know that your time is valuable, and that there are many ways to streamline the process to save you energy and help you make better and faster decisions.

Our experts are directly involved in educating you about options, pointing out obvious and hidden features of stones, helping you avoid inexperienced mistakes, and selecting everything you need for a stunning new, long-lasting, stone countertop. As a result, you’ll have a low-stress and pleasant experience that you’ll truly enjoy.