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Marble: What You Need To Know

Marble slabs are relatively soft material, which makes it more prone to scratches. Surface hardness of minerals is measured using something called the Mohs scale which runs from 1 (very soft) to 10 (hard like a diamond). Marble has a hardness of 3, whereas granite has a hardness of 7.

Marble’s softness makes it less practical for countertops than granite, but its softness makes it easier to re-polish to maintain its appearance. That’s why marble is so popular for flooring applications. Marble is more common and accessible around the world than quartz, which makes it a little more budget-friendly.

With marble, be sure to blot up all spills right away to reduce any chance of staining. Marble is much more sensitive than granite and engineered quartz to acidic substances like wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce, sodas, toiletries, and cleaning products that can etch or dull the surface finish.

If you wipe up a spill and it has already created a stain on your marble countertop, remove the stain right then and there. Remove oil-based stains with a liquid detergent, organic stains with a mixture of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia, and water stains with dry steel wool.

Chips and scratches can occur on marble. These can be addressed in a few ways, including polishing them out or filling them with other materials. For the best results, professional repair is the safest approach.

Benefits of Marble

  • One-Of-A-Kind Beauty

    The look of marble is unlike any other stone. Marble often has distinct color-streak patterns that make it stand out from other materials. Marble is a smooth stone that can be manufactured with a gloss-polished or honed finish. Let’s be perfectly honest: not many home improvement projects get as much praise from houseguests as elegant white marble countertops.

  • Resistant To Heat

    Many homeowners choose marble for kitchen countertops because of its resistance to heat. You can set hot pots and pans on marble without fear of damaging it. That said, marble is a porous stone that is generally softer than granite. As such, it can scratch, so you must ALWAYS use a cutting board with marble countertops. You’ll also need to wipe up spills immediately and seal marble countertops to prevent stains.

  • An Overall Great Investment

    The price of marble in Cincinnati is comparable to granite, ranging from about $40 to $200 per square foot. The price is not determined by the quality of the slab, but rather a variety of factors that include thickness, color, and variations. The value and look marble brings to your home makes it a more than worthy investment. It is a long-lasting stone that will bring true beauty to any project you’re considering for your home.

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