How do I clean my countertop?

How do I clean my countertop?

January 14, 2020

It is very simple to keep your countertop clean and looking bright. We recommend using a mild anti-bacterial cleaner that does not contain ammonia or bleach. Cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach will eventually remove the sealer on the countertop. You can use an antibacterial dishwashing detergent, but be aware that this will cause film buildup on the top and dull your countertop over time. The film buildup can be removed by wiping the surface with denatured alcohol.

If you would like to use a proven over-the-counter product, visit our showroom and ask for Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner. This will clean, polish, and seal your granite all at once. Truthfully, though, the hands-down best way to protect countertops is to have them sealed by a professional company. While over-the-counter sealers require you to reseal your countertops every year, our commercial-grade countertop sealing is warrantied for 15 years. Get in touch with us for more information.

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