Should Granite Be Sealed?

Should Granite Be Sealed?

January 14, 2020

Though not necessary, all granites are sealed. We apply a penetrating sealer to your initial countertop. That sealer does not change the color of the stone but does make liquids bead up on the surface and limit any penetration and staining. We recommend that occasionally (yearly at least) you a simple “water drop test” to check the porosity of your countertop surface (how permeable it is to liquids).

Place a few drops of water on your counter and leave them there for 4 minutes. Wipe up the liquid. If a dark spot is left behind, it’s time to reseal your countertop. (Don’t’ worry about the spot left behind, it will evaporate within 30 minutes.) If warranted based on the test, apply one or two coats of a good impregnator/sealer.

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